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If you suffer from tooth damage, decay, or gum disease, you may be wondering what dental options are available. In the past, the default solution for teeth that were beyond repair was to pull them out and create a set of dentures. While this solved problems in the short term, the use of dentures created new problems. It’s now a good time to consider the benefits of dental implants vs dentures.


Dentures Have Always Had Limitations

  • Dentures can cause gum or mouth irritation, as they require sticky adhesives to hold them in place
  • Dentures do not protect against jaw bone deterioration
  • Dentures can limit the types of foods you can eat
  • Dentures may slip when the wearer is speaking or eating
  • Dentures can cause wear to surrounding teeth
  • Dentures never feel or look completely natural
  • Dentures need to be replaced as often as every five years


Dental Implants Offer a New Solution

Thankfully, there is a new solution for replacing your teeth. Before you choose dentures as an option for replacing damaged teeth, consider the advantages that dental implants offer.

Dental implants really do offer a superior alternative to dentures for restoring your teeth and smile. Dental implants become the substitute “roots” that can be implanted into the jawbone. This process allows the jawbone to receive stimulation from the implant because it functions the same way as a natural root. The new implants do not affect the surrounding teeth and, because they are firmly attached, eating becomes natural again. Your new teeth are not only natural looking, but they become permanent, too.


Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your Teeth

The Done In One™ procedure helps those suffering from ill-fitting dentures, dental disease, failing or missing teeth with a revolutionary full mouth reconstruction in just two days! No temporary teeth or uncomfortable dentures! First and final implant teeth, digitally designed for you in 48 hours. Discover all the benefits of dental implants vs dentures. Schedule your consultation today.

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