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The technologY

Why choose Done In One?

Done In One™ is the only procedure to deliver a final and permanent implant supported hybrid bridge, custom designed for each patient, in 48 hours following surgery.

This revolutionary procedure helps those suffering from ill-fitting dentures, dental disease, failing or missing teeth with a revolutionary full mouth reconstruction in just two days!

This cutting edge technology combined with our specialized team of board certified surgeons with multi-year residencies in implant surgery, allows us to deliver your first and final permanent implant teeth in about 48 hours following surgery. No temporary teeth!

What’s a hybrid bridge?

To better understand the Done In One™ procedure, it’s important to know how a hybrid bridge works. A hybrid bridge (also known as hybrid denture) is a full set of teeth, custom milled in one piece which are attached to dental implants.

Implants are small titanium screws designed to fit inside your jawbone, replacing the root portion of a missing tooth. With time, the titanium dental implants fuse to your bone, becoming part of your mouth and creating a strong anchor to firmly secure your hybrid bridge.

The hybrid bridge attaches to the implants with small screws and is only removed during cleaning appointments but otherwise will stay within the mouth permanently.

What’s the difference between
Personalized and Pre-fabricated teeth?

The teeth offered in these places are usually pre-made like a shoe store and not personalized for each patient.

Since each Done In One™ hybrid bridge is custom designed for each patient, by professional dental computer designers in one of the most sophisticated digital dental design and milling centers in the country, there is no problem matching your bite or color of teeth if you only need one arch.

After designing and milling, your new set of implant teeth is custom stained by a team of highly skilled master ceramists to create a beautiful and natural looking set of teeth.


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The Process

What can I expect?

Free Consultation

The first step in every Done In One™ procedure is a free consultation where you will meet with our doctors and staff. They will discuss the entire process, financing options and determine a course of treatment just for you.

Planning your new 48 Hour Smile

You made the decision to get Done In One™. The process for your 48-hour smile transformation is now underway. Now the next step is planning the aesthetics of your smile! Initial records are taken, you will meet with our team to discuss smile design, tooth shape, size and color. We will take a 3D scan of your facial features to ensure the correct fit using space age facial recognition software.

Placing your Dental Implants

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to get the implants in. Your comfort is our number one priority and our staff will do everything to ensure you’re relaxed during the process. At your consultation appointment you will discuss anesthesia and sedation options to ensure a comfortable process.

Custom milled and Digitally Designed

While you’re resting at home after implant placement, our team of highly skilled dental designers and master ceramists are hard at work creating your final hybrid bridge in our state of the art lab. In 24 hours, they will have finalized your computerized drawing and milled the titanium bar and the nano ceramic overlying teeth. Each are milled to fit perfectly within one another.

Handcrafted details

Our highly skilled master ceramists then handcraft the final finishing touches on your hybrid bridge. The last design step is to get the shading of the gums and glazing just right, once that’s done, your teeth are ready for your life!

Delivering your final Implant Teeth

The time has come for you to meet your new smile. You’ll come in after 48 hours of resting the implants. We will place your final teeth, ensure the fit and aesthetics are perfect and your procedure is now complete!

A soft foods diet is necessary for weeks to months after having the procedure, but you will receive thorough instructions as to how to care for your new smile.

The Price

Where can I learn more about the cost?

Please see our pricing page for more information on the cost and financing options.