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Cosmetic dental implants come with a variety of benefits apart from restoring a confident smile. The advantages that you stand to enjoy may include all of the following!


Better Speech

This is considering that missing teeth can lead to poor speech through slurring and mumbling of words. The same can happen with poor fitting dentures, but with dental implants, you will get to speak without worries of teeth slipping.


Better Appearance

The dental implants also greatly improve on how your teeth feel and look. The change can be permanent since they fuse with the bone. You can now flash your beautiful new dental look with implants.


Improved Comfort

They become a part of your dental formula, making them very comfortable for you. They have easily eliminated the discomfort that many experience with removable dentures. You will also find it easier to eat your food with the implants. This is considering that loose and sliding dentures can make chewing quite difficult. You can now enjoy your favorite foods with confidence and with no pain at all.


Greater Self-esteem

Dental implants have the advantage of giving you back that sexy, attractive smile. Hence, you will feel better about yourself in no time. You will find more confidence, even when smiling or speaking dispensing with the need to hide your dental issues.



The implants are highly durable and can last you years. You only need good care and you can enjoy your implants for a lifetime. You also enjoy improved oral health with the implants since they do not need teeth reduction as it is usually the case with a dental bridge. Most of your natural teeth are left intact promoting good oral health.


Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your Teeth

The Done In One™ procedure helps those suffering from ill-fitting dentures, dental disease, failing or missing teeth with a revolutionary full mouth reconstruction in just two days! No temporary teeth or uncomfortable dentures! First and final implant teeth, digitally designed for you in 48 hours. Discover all the benefits of dental implants vs dentures. Schedule your consultation today.

Discover all the benefits of dental implants vs dentures in Woodstock GA

Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Implants vs Dentures

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