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The Experience

The Process of Dental Implants
& What to Expect

Understand the process of dental implants with Done in One.

Free initial consultation.

The first step in every Done In One™ procedure is a free consultation where you will meet with our doctors and staff. They will discuss the entire dental implant process, financing options and determine a course of treatment just for you.

Your custom teeth will be machined to exact specifications.

In 24 hours, they will have finalized your computerized drawing and milled the titanium bar and the nano ceramic overlying teeth. Each are milled to fit perfectly within one another.

Details are expertly handcrafted.

Our highly skilled master ceramists then handcraft the final finishing touches on your hybrid bridge. The last design step is to get the shading of the gums and glazing just right, once that’s done, your teeth are ready for your life!

The final product is overnighted from our lab.

The time has come for you to meet your new smile. You’ll come in after 48 hours of resting the implants

Delivering your final Implant Teeth.

We will place your final teeth, ensure the fit and aesthetics are perfect and your procedure is now complete!